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Milk Foot Mask

Milk Foot Mask

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Hydrating & Fopas

2pcs in each pack

- Silky Delicate
- Silky as Jade
- Hydra Moisturizing
- Reduce Wrinkles
- Multi Effect Repair

Antibacterial & Moisturizing foot mask formula developed with unique and advanced technology, for dead skin on the soles of the feet, rough skin, exfoliating, make aging cutin fall off; milk essence nourishes the skin, reproduce smooth and delicate feet.

Can effectively remove foot horny and fine lines, cleansed feet, dry skin, calluses, foot odor is resolved all at once, the thick skin is completely removed, foot problems can be  improved, water-lubricated and tender bb foot muscles can be reproduced.

Water, Glycerin, mint extract, lavender extract, vitamine C, vitamin E, capom, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, propyl paraben, menthyl paraben, milk extract, edible spice.