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Honey Hand Mask

Honey Hand Mask

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Hydrating & Fopas

2pcs in each pack

- Reduce Fine Lines
- Compact Smooth
- Brighten Skin Tone
- Hydration Moisturizing
- Multi Effect Repair

Using glove-type hand mask design, it is specially developed for hands that are easy to dry, contains wild propolis extract, to provide the skin with the nutrients it needs, soak your skin in nutrient essence, make your hands as delicate as a baby.

Prevents hand skin from drying out, repair damaged cells and cracked hands, anti ageing and anti wrinkle fades fine lines on the hands, whiten skin, keep hands smooth and soft, make jade hands tender and white.

Water, Glycerin, mint extract, lavender extract, vitamine C, vitamin E, capom, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, propyl paraben, menthyl paraben, milk extract, edible spice.