Electrical Nail File - Sina MM25000

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1. Adopting fast mechanical clamping method, the clamping is more reliable.
2. Operating lever has its own heat dissipation device, and it will not overheat and hot hands for a long time.
3. It is more convenient to switch with pedal switch.
4. Speed regulation, positive and negative adjustment, to meet the use of various occasions.
5.Adjustable from 0 up to 25000 rpm.
6. Controllable via hand piece and foot switch (pedal).


1.Easy to control speed.
2.Replaceable sanding head, a variety of sanding heads are easy to assemble and more professional.
3.Light weight pen design for comfortable grip and easy to use.

Model: MM-25000
Material: Plastic & Alloy
Color: White
Power: 50-60Hz
Speed: 0-25000RPM

Package Information:
Package Size: 225x195x175mm/8.78x7.61x6.83in
Package Weight: 1350g/2.98lb General Box Package

Package Included:
1 x Electric Nail File Drill Grinder
1 x Handle
6 x Metal Grinding Drill Bits
1 x Operating Rod Bracket
1 x Foot Switch

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